*** ENGLISH FOLLOWS *** . – Français – Quand on visite un pays, il n’y a pas que notre corps qui voyage, mais aussi notre âme. Si l’on y prenait attention, on planifierait notre voyage pour nous remplir pas seulement de paysages, mais aussi de perceptions. Ainsi se fait la différence entre visiter un endroit ou être dans cet endroit. . Comme nous-mêmes, le pays d’Israël peut être vu à plusieurs niveaux. Sa combinaison unique d’histoire, géographie, géologie, vie sauvage, végétation et habitants, peuvent devenir une expérience inoubliable. Je vous invite chaleureusement à la vivre avec moi. Tel from outside Israel : + (972) 50 85 35 245 Tel from Israel : 050 85 35 245 – ENGLISH – I’m Zvi Nir, a 36 years old Tour Guide, Living with my wife & 2 children in the lower Galille. While we visit a country, it’s not only our body that travels, but also our soul. Therefore, we need to plan a journey that will enrich us not only with new sights, but with new insights. That will make the difference between visiting a place, and being in a place. Just like ourselves, Israel has many layers we could meet in our visit. This unique combination of history, geography, geology, wildlife, vegetation and inhabitants, could provide an unforgettable experience. You are most welcome to join me in it.

Singer & Musician – along with my band, The Lotem Trio (see picture), I offer a professional show of Ethnic Songs around the world and Israeli Songs – could be combined in your trip. Ministry of Tourism official Tour Guide Permaculture Designer and teacher B-Tec in Industrial Design & Education