Having walked Jerusalem’s old city alleys a countless number of times, having climbed Massada more than once or twice – my real challenge is to excite you by putting together the jig-saw puzzle into a fascinating comprehensive picture. Private tours cater to the well traveled, open minded, broad horizoned visitors – whose intellectual curiosity would present a high threshold.

These are the tours I enjoy the most. Another professional love – walking on thin lines: To what degree can we challege the children before they get saturated ? At what stage do we stop covering serious matters and wet ourselves in rafting boats? To what degree can we discuss openly religion, politics, ethnic groups, and feel enriched ?


The school of tourism provided a most basic platform. A diploma or a license Tour Guide are merely an official entry ticket. The strive for enrichment made the difference.

Along the years I have added eductaion in other disciplines, on top of tourism: Political science and business. Israel presents a unique exposure to the friction and confrontaion between state and church, democratic principles, clash of cultures, historical national narratives, an amazing conflict between a most progressive liberal legal system to a most conservative rigid one, an economic system which mocks frequently logic and abuses learned theories. I doubt whether any other field of practice would have presented such professional requierments which would keep me so interested in a way that does not turn the years of experience into a worn out practice but an ever challenging one – academically. The only troubling question left is: Would my children be interested in my 2000+ books library when I’m 90 y.o