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    I can’t thank you enough for the awesome time you showed us yesterday. To say you exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. The way you’ve applied your unique life experiences combined with your passion for people, Israel and life, enable you to be exceptionally effective at what you do. Not once was I reminded that you were “working”. It just felt like we hooked up with a very cool, very knowledgeable dude that was a blast to hang out with in Jerusalem. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And it feels like you and I share a lot in common when it comes to our world views and the value we place on people. I really hope we have the opportunity to hang out again sometime. You will know the next time I visit Israel. Thanks man … truly unforgettable! Don Smith Microsoft Corp


    ophir is the ‘home guide’ of microsoft, DHL, IKEA & more guided more then 10000 people still he give an amazing tours with a great add value. gives bible & nature workshops spcial desert nights you dont want to miss traveling with ophir 🙂 Ophir Akiva CEO of Duna, tour & desert survival guide. Bsc. business & tourism, certified personal trainer and a company commander in the IDF (major).ask him about his trip to tunisia with camels into the Sahara desert

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