Maayan Leshem

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    Shalom. Hi.

    My name  Maayan in Hebrew means a source of water and life. Born to English-speaking parents I enjoy the gift of fluency in both languages. As well, besides exploring every continent by the age of twenty three (OK I admit it – not Antartica) I have  spent the last ten years guiding and crisscrossing Israel as liscensed Tour Guide.

    Currently as a father of two awesome boys – my biggest pleasure besides spending time with them is to provide visitors to Israel with a profound experience catered to their exact needs and interests.

    Whether your personalized itinerary includes an exhilarating nature hike or at  a more intellectual  level, understanding Israel’s challenges – or both, I will do my best to ensure that you have  a wonderful time. From a fun-filled family excursion to a more focused visit to an archeological site, for a half  day or for two weeks, allow me to take you through moments of great excitement and stimulation. I  will help you to come into contact with  the diversity and spirituality for which  Israel is famous, enjoy local experiences and connect to timeless stories.  So where do we begin? Contact me through email, skype or phone.

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