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    Ilan Bar, Israel Tour Guide

    Israel is a land of colours and contrasts, of sun and valleys, mountains and landscapes. Deserts with their hidden beauty and secrets. Although small, she is rich in flora and fauna, a haven for birdwatchers in their season, therapeutic spas rich in minerals, a gift of nature. Full of sites relating to the dawn of religions, historical sites relating to ancient (and not so very) world conquerors. A land of beautiful golden beaches, good food and wines to satisfy every palate, cultural events at the highest levels. Come, see it for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, as were the thousands that visited here before you. Ask them. It’s more peaceful than you think Let me have the honour and pleasure of being your guide through this great land, showing you it’s beauties and historical & religious sites. Let me take you on a private tour, in a custom van. I’ll help you prepare an itinerary to tour Israel, tailor made to suit your pace and taste.


    Trained by the Min of Tourism, Guides Course, Hotel Reception. Worked as a Tour Operator and in El Al CRC. Before guiding, employed in different fields of tourism. I’ve been a guide since 1981, traveling with families and groups that come for Bar Mitzvah celebrations, or just to get to know the land and country, as well as Christian visitors of all denominations. On pilgrimage to reaffirm their faith, to be where it all began, to pray and get to understand the scriptures through knowledge of the land. I’m fluent in English, my mother tongue, as well as Spanish, having grown up in the Argentina, and speak a very good (if I may say so myself) Portuguese, as well. Israel, the Holy Land is awaiting you. Con mucho gusto y placer les acompañare, moldeandola la visita a su gusto y paso personal en un mini-van Mercedes, comodo y amplio. Les ayudare a preparar el itinerario para pasear en Israel, a su ritmo y paso personal e individual. Vengan, Israel, la Tierra Santa, les espera.

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