Mystery – that is my ongiong experience of Jerusalem: What made three rival religions sanctify this hilly site? What drove kings and peasants, warriors and believers, from their far off homes in seek of the route to Jerusalem? What is it, in Jerusalem, that has inspired so many builders, painters, and poets? Why is Jerusalem, up to this day, a source of political conflict and despair? Touring in Jerusalem, as well as in many other sites throughout the country, is in my eyes a never ending story of trying to decipher this mystery. You are invited to take part in the mystery in day tours in Jerusalem, in which I specialize. The tours I offer are varied, and are adjusted to different needs and interests, among others: highlight tours, art in Jerusalem, political developments in Jerusalem, and historical tours.

1998-2000 Tour guiding course at Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem. 1996-2000 BA in the Hebrew University in Art History (and courses in Bible Studies and General History). present: MA in Art History at Hebrew University in process 2003-High-School Teacher Certificate from Kerem Institute, Jerusalem.