A good tour guide should be first of all a pleasant and fun person to be with.

The guide becomes a part of your trip, and a part of your family memories.

A tour guide should have excellent customer service. He or she should be aware of your needs in the country, and address them.

A good tour guide will make you feel at home in the place you are traveling in.

A great tour guide is a great story teller. He or she will come with you to a site and turn it from a pile of rocks it a living and moving, story. A story that is inspiring and memorable.

A great tour guide needs to know NOT to talk too much.

A great tour guide feels the group dynamic. He or She will make everyone feel comfortable with each other. He or she will know to accommodate the needs of everyone – children, elderly people, people that were here before as well as first timers.

A good tour guide will tell you about what is currently going on in the country. And do it in an interesting and unbiased way.

My name is Elad Tzur, and I try to be all this and more.

With family trips I am very kids friendly, and grandparent friendly.

With Jewish families I plan and guide the trip to give a feeling of connection to the land.

With business guests I give an experience that will make your guests feel that they are treated great, and they got more that what they expected to get.

I add a great sense of humor to the trip in Israel (-:

I make sure to give a clear price, with no surprises, and high additional costs for over mileage, over hours and what not.

I believe that a trip to Israel should be and will be a time of sheer fun, and will be remembered as one of the best trips you have ever done!

FREE of charge – advice about a trip to Israel, and a pencil itinerary that makes the best out of your time and budget.

See you in Israel!!!