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    Ehud – Tours

    My specialty group expressed in several areas:

    A. Characterization of the group. For example: for tourists who are experienced hikers, we can do a tour where they can hike up to Masada Snake Path at the request of visitors. (Plow the mountain along the width and visit all the sites on the Mount). TL: +972-52-3206429

    B. If there is a tour group with a person of limitations I adjust the tour to his abilities by getting to the point in the easiest way and still creating an amazing experience. From my experience, there are groups interested in seeing as much as possible and ready to go hours on foot. On the other hand there are groups who want to create a trip that experienced a different pace, enjoy the views, smells and shopping. As a tour guide it is most important to create for each group the best experience by guiding Through; topography, elevation above sea level, below sea level, rock types, sites and places from the Bible, New Testament and the Koran. Before each trip, I always give an introduction in which I describe the site and that way I give a concept of the tour. Then when we reach the destination the tourist have more knowledge about the site. My tours are expressed of that I always hear in the end of them the phrase “Now when I get home I’ll read carefully the Bible or New Testament from the beginning to the end”, or, “I’ll start reading books about the Holy Land”. I’m married with three children
    Religious quality tours, views and observation tours, desert tours.

    Premium service and pampering luxury vehicles.

    Six comfortable seats in each of the vehicles, up to 12 travelers in both vehicles.

    V.I.P services, restaurant reservations, shows and art galleries.

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