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    Hello, My name is Eli.

    I am a government-licensed tour guide and I am looking forward to being your tour guide in Israel. Since my childhood, living in a small village (then it was desert) the Bible, Archeology, Geology, mountain climbing and scuba diving in Israel and the Sinai Desert have been my hobbies. Since 1996 they have became my profession as well. I hold university degrees in engineering, physics and business administration. My wife Rachel works as school principal and supervisor in the Israeli Ministry of Education. My specialty is the tailor made tour in the following areas: Jewish and Christian sites, Family and Bar mitzvah tours, Geology and archeology, Diving and desert safaris in Sinai. Together, you and I will carefully plan your itinerary and accommodations, taking into consideration the purpose of your visit, religious orientation, special requests, and budget. Your visit to Israel will be just what you wanted-your itinerary, your budget and your time frame. Tour Guides Course, graduated Israeli Ministry of Tourism-1996 Tour Operator Course, graduated Tel Aviv College-1995

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