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Your guided tour in Israel starts at “Gateway to Israel”, where you can design your own guided tour to this magical land, the Land of Israel. Choose the tour guide most suitable to your personal needs for your next trip on the paths of the Holy Land. Meet wonderful landscapes, travel on the footsteps of pilgrims, marshals and kings; encounter its rich heritage and history through personalized guided tours

Private Tour Guides List

  • Maayan Leshem

  • Adi Inbar

  • Daniel Israel

  • Ze’ev Back

  • Gadi Bar Shalom

  • Ehud Peretz

  • Michael Turkenich

  • Elad Zur

  • Uri Givoni

  • Eran Saar

  • Ariel Stolar

  • Ari Singer

  • Viviane Rushansky

  • Chana Koren

  • Ophir Akiva

  • Eliahu Bar Nir