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Why Hire a Private Tour Guide in Israel

private tour aqueduct caesarea

Have you ever been to Israel? Have you ever dreamed of going to the Holy Land, the heart of the world? If given the chance, will you know where to go? Israel is such a nice place. But given the precious limited amount of time that you may have in your vacation, I believe it… Continue Reading Why Hire a Private Tour Guide in Israel

Israel Private Tours

Israel Private Tours

Israel Extreme offers unique, personalized private tours in Israel specializing in adventure and adrenaline tours guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime… Israel Extreme’s private tours in Israel range from pure adrenaline tours…for example rappelling off a cliff or down into a cave—a real Israel adventure—to a pleasant hike through peaceful streams or rafting… Continue Reading Israel Private Tours

Summer Hiking in Israel

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 Top 5 Family-Friendly Summer Hikes It’s always fun to go hiking in Israel with your family in the summer. But finding the right hike for everybody is difficult. Here are our top 5 family-friendly suggestions for summer hiking in Israel. Banias waterfall Hike A must-see in the cooler Golan Heights, the Banias waterfall pours out… Continue Reading Summer Hiking in Israel

Hiking in Israel Top 10 Hikes

Rappelling in Israel

Hiking in Israel Israel offers some of the best hikes in the region. While only covering an area of over 22,000 km², the country’s landscapes range from mountains to forests; from deserts to wide-open brush. The physical demands of hiking the clearly demarcated trails in Israel are far outnumbered by the rewards of spending a… Continue Reading Hiking in Israel Top 10 Hikes

Hutzot Hayotzer

jerusalem art

Artists Colony in Jerusalem Hutzot Hayotzer Two years after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 the old stables located in the former no-mans-land between the old and the new cities, were renovated and transformed into a vibrant artists colony of twenty-six studio/galleries. The area was dubbed Jerusalem Art – The Courtyard of creativity. Here carefully… Continue Reading Hutzot Hayotzer

Customs requirements for Petra Tour

To cross over the Allenby Bridge you must hold a visa that has been issued in your country. Ensure you arrive at the Terminal with all the required documents, including a passport valid for at least 6 months and relevant travel documents. The custom authorities, however, require the following details: Passport number. Full name of… Continue Reading Customs requirements for Petra Tour

Rappelling in Israel

rappelling in Israel

Want to have an exciting adventure in Israel? Make sure to add rappelling in Israel to your list of things to do. What is rappelling in Israel all about? The word “rappelling”, from the French mountaineering term, “to recall” is mainly a term used in the United States. Called “snappeling” in Israel, in most of… Continue Reading Rappelling in Israel

Canyoning in Israel

Canyoning in Israel

Stepping back, off of a high cliff, jumping off the edge into the unknown, against all your body’s natural survival instincts is thrillingly exhilarating. Canyoning in Israel has become quite popular since Israel is full of adrenaline seekers and those who love extreme adventure sports. Also called canyoneering, Canyoning in Israel, is different from just… Continue Reading Canyoning in Israel