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Ten Most Fun Things to do in Israel

With all of Israel Extreme’s opportunities for adventure – from rappelling down waterfalls, discovering the beauty of a Stalactite cave or Jeeping on the Lebanese border – it’s a legitimate challenge to pick and choose which tour to do first. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue with a tried-and-true to do list of the top ten most fun things to do in Israel,
Here is the ten most fun Extreme’s things to do in Israel:

Keshet Cave

It may be at the bottom of or ten most fun things to do in Israel, but Keshet Cave is known as the most beautiful view in Israel with the highest point in the Western Galilee. Once a real cave, the ceiling of the cave eroded away millennia in the past, leaving only an arch which gives the site its name. You can rappel off the mammoth natural stone arch bridging the mountains, sailing through the air with an amazing panoramic view surrounding you.

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IDF Lebanon Border Jeep Tour

This tour takes you along the Lebanese border in the eastern Galilee and is the only tour on our ten most fun things to do in Israel that you can do sitting down. This is a very special, exclusive tour where your guide is a local resident with many personal stories to share of life along the border of Lebanon and Israel. This is a journey behind the scenes, a look at life on the Lebanese border, “living an ordinary life under threat.” You also will have the unique and rare opportunity to meet with IDF combat soldiers, who are guarding the nearby Lebanese border. This unique and amazing tour will give you a better understanding of the conflict, the lives of the soldiers protecting our land, and everyday life at the border from an up close and personal perspective.

Extreme White Water Rafting

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Up for a real wild whitewater rafting adventure? Experience the thrill and the rush of this awesome tour in your own private rafting kayak! You will be exploring the most remote parts of the white waters of the Jordan River, where this untouched wonderland is also vibrant with natural beauty and wildlife.

Hatzatzon River

Located in the Judean Desert, Nachal Chatzatzon is the largest and longest canyon in the country. This is a beautiful hike enjoying the light of the moon and then watching the sun rise. This hike also includes rappels down three large dry waterfalls, including the longest rappel possible in Israel 120 meters down the highest cliff in the country. Depending on how much rain we received during the winter, this hike sometimes requires swimming in deep water. With dramatic scenery, unique birds and desert animals, it is a hard, long, and very challenging hike, but absolutely amazing and well worth the effort.

Rachaf River

A beautiful canyon in the southern Judean Desert, Nachal Rachaf is one of the deepest and narrowest canyons in the country with magnificent views of the Dead Sea, Jordan, and the Judean desert. Once we enter the canyon, we will go through narrow passages, climb down ladders, and encounter pools that we will need to swim across. There are two very high waterfalls, and the only way to pass them is to rappel off the towering rock ledges into pools of water far below. We will see many small animals, birds, and possibly even deer that come to drink from the water that fills the canyon after the rains. This canyon adventure is Fun Fun Fun!

Black Canyon

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This is a full-day adventure in a deep black canyon of volcanic stone. This unmarked hike in a closed national park is reserved for groups led by licensed tour guides only. On this exhilarating and captivating tour through the lush, wild jungle of the Golan Heights you will see beautiful birds, small animals and lots of water! Ninety percent of this hike is near or in water – from ankle to knee deep, including rappels through three waterfalls making it the perfect hike for the hot summer months.

Spelunking at Huta 6

Located on the mountain that belongs to the Meron Nature Reserve, Huta 6 is classified as one of our most extreme adventures. After a short hike you will rappell several times at different level literally into the belly of the mountain. At this point we turn of all our lights and experience the sound of silence. Now the real adventure begins…time to get back up!

Salt Wonder

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An underground natural phenomena, The Salt Wonder is one of the most unique, adventurous and exciting tours in Israel. It didn’t make the top of our ten most fun things to do in Israel, but it’s one of our most popular. With a desert hike scaling sheer cliffs using ladders and stairs, breathtaking scenery, dramatic rappelling and spelunking in the sublime underground salt cave, this tour leads you through an incredibly diverse range of activities, your eyes will pop with wonder at the multi-hued salt-crystal walls. Unlike limestone caves, where stalactites and stalagmites form into nearly shapeless cones, the salt crystals of this cave grow into beautiful and extraordinary shapes sparkling with different colors in the beam of your headlamps. This tour will definitely be the highlight of your trip.

Abirim Cave

Number one of our ten most fun things to do in Israel would have to be Abirim Cave. A real underground fairy castle, this amazing stalagmite/stalactite cave is a new hidden cave, by far the most extraordinary in the Middle East. Israel Extreme is the ONLY tour company in Israel that knows the location of this cave. You can be sure you will be one of the lucky few to visit this underworld treasure to date.
Israel is one of the best countries because of its diversity, from the north to the south, which is pretty amazing considering how tiny it is! This list of the ten most fun things to do in Israel will help you discover Israel’s unique pizazz and natural beauty that makes it a popular destination for outdoor adventures.

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