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Christian Tour in The Holy Land

Israel christian tour

Christian Tours in Israel The Holy land, the cradle of Christianity and Judaism is the unique destination for pilgrims tours. Visit the holy sites and sacred places of the Old Testament and New Testament; explore the ancient churches and monasteries which represent all churches and denominations. Holy Sites in Israel Israel Christian tours From Jerusalem […]

Hiking in Israel

Hiking Tour in Israel Many tourists choose to begin their Israel Tours with a hiking. You can find tracks all the way from the Dan River all the way to Eilat enjoying ecotourism and wildlife. see magnificent landscapes. Some hikers follow the trails by foot, while others explore the ‘Biblical trails’ and all of them […]

Israel Shore Excursions

Ashdod Shore Excursions Just 40 km. from Tel Aviv, it is the closest to the country’s major commercial centers and highways. Ashdod Port, Israel’s new economic gate, provides passengers of cruise ships and tourism, a new and modern terminal, among the most advanced in the world. We Specializes in Israel Tours, V.I.P. businessman, officials and […]

Private Tours in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tours The Beauty of Jerusalem. City of kings, profits and poets. As the Talmud sais: “There are ten measures of beauty in the Universe, nine belong to Jerusalem, and one to the rest of the world. Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in her glory has never seen a beautiful city in this life” When […]

Eco Tours in Israel

Bio Tour Eco Tours in Israel Sde-Eliyahu is a religious Kibbutz. It was founded in 1939 as one of the Homa U’Migdal (Tower and Stockade) settlements. Sde Eliyahu is situated in the Beit Shean Valley, between the Gilboa and the Gilaad ridges and surrounded by countless natural springs. Its 120 families base the social, cultural and […]

Israeli Art in Jerusalem

Tour jerusalem art

Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony in Jerusalem Two years after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 the old stables located in the former no-mans-land between the old and the new cities, were renovated and transformed into a vibrant artists colony of twenty-six studio/galleries. The area was dubbed Jerusalem Art – The Courtyard of creativity. Here carefully […]

City Tours In Israel

Travel with your tour guide through quaint and picturesque alleys as they twist and turn their way through the ancient cities of the Holy land. Then if you wish, compare them to the bustling boulevards and ultra-modern shopping malls in all the main cities of Israel. City Tours Tour the world-famous places  Hear the hidden […]

Bird watching Tours in Israel

Israel lies directly on the international route birds follow as they migrate seasonally between Africa and Europe. a paradise for Bird watchers ‘Backpack on your shoulders, binoculars hanging at the ready, and camera in hand as you sit watching and waiting. Only the squawking of the birds in the distance breaks the silence. Birding In […]

Day Tours in Israel

Theatrical Day Tours in Israel Israel Tours in the cities – Smell the aroma of paraffin stove cooking, feel the grains of sand under your feet, perspire under the Mediterranean sun, and listen to the whispers of lovers in the dark. Connect with a developing culture, with the people who used to live here. Combine […]

The Holy Kabalistic city of Zefat

The Kabalistic City- Zefat The Holy Kabalistic city of Zefat Zefat is one of 4 Jewish holy cities in Israel and is located in the upper hills of the Galilee. Zefat was always considered over the centuries as the capital of Kabbalah in the world and was where one of its most prominent and well […]

Sinai Desert Tour

This Tour is not abailable The Sinai Desert Sinai Desert – Bedouin Trek in Mt. Sinai Sinai Desert Tour – a special and unique experience between the red granite mountains, the blooming orchards, the springs and wells of St. Catharine region. Our gear will be carried by camels and will be met by the campsites: […]

Mysterious Masada

Every visitor to Israel must see Jerusalem – the cherry on the cake in Israel tours – but if you have at least one more day, why not see the icing – when you see the salt deposits at the Dead Sea you’ll think of whipped cream! Combining the Dead Sea with Masada and the […]

Yad Vashem – Holocaust History Museum

What Is Yad Vashem? New Holocaust History Museum in Yad Vashem Designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the new Holocaust History Museum is a prism-like triangular structure that penetrates the mountain from one side to the other, with both ends dramatically cantilevering into the open air. A decade in the making, the new Holocaust History […]

Bike Tours in Tel Aviv

bike tour tel aviv

The Israeli Center for Bicycle Tourism The Israeli Center for Bicycle Tourism was founded by a group of cyclists, all graduates of the Wingate Institute’s Bicycle Tour Guide course. The Center operates from 135 Ben Yehuda Street and has a daily tour every day at 09:15 AM for a price of 160 Shekels per person. […]