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Have you ever been Jeeping in Israel? Israel Extreme runs a variety of tours all over the country. There can be many reasons for going Jeeping in Israel. For the thrill of a jeep tour, to see the different kinds of scenery, to see the local wildlife, and learn about the culture. You can go Jeeping in Israel at different times of the year, and get a totally different experience. Try different parts of the country; other than the jeep itself, there is no similarity between a Jeep Tour in the Ramon Crater and a Jeep tour in the Hula Valley!

Jeeping Tour Desert

Jeeping Tour In Israel

Jeeping in Israel can introduce you to parts of Israel that you would never see otherwise. Take a night tour in the Negev desert, and experience the black and star strewn night sky, far from civilization. See the night animals as they emerge from their hiding holes and venture out on the sand. Stop and brew coffee with your guide, and savor the silence!

Jeeping Tour Desert

Another place to experience Jeeping in Israel, is the Ramon Crater, “Machtesh Ramon”. This is a really exciting jeep ride, with steep ascents and descents within the unique Ramon Crater itself. The views are magnificent, something you will not see anywhere else. The rocks are red, yellow, black & cream, and provide an amazing back drop to your tour. If you are lucky you may spot ibex, wild asses, gazelles & perhaps even a hyena or a rare leopard.

If Jeeping in Israel and history are your interests, try our Burma Road Jeep Tour. This takes place in the Jerusalem mountains, with panoramic views of the mountains and Jerusalem itself. You will be off-roading on winding dirt roads, that were once the bypass route to Jerusalem during the siege in 1948. Hear about the stories and the history from our knowledgable guides, as they point out points of interest along the way.

The Judean Desert is another place to go Jeeping in Israel! This can even include a camel ride at the end! The desert is a classic place to take a jeep tour, with exhilarating ascents and descents and views across the desert and down to the Dead Sea.

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Jeeping Tour Golan Winter2020

Last but not least, going Jeeping in Israel can even take place in the north of the country. We will take you through the Naphtali Mountain and the Hula Valley, a well-known stopping point for birds flying from Europe to Africa for the winter. Restored natural lakes in the valley make for great landing places for the water birds, and the marshes are home to many other creatures. There is even a herd of water buffalo! Jeeping in Israel has never had such diversity or been so much fun!

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