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From Exile to Redemption The Heritage of Babylonian Jewry Museum

The Babylonian Jewry Museum offers the visitors a journey through 2600 years to the most ancient and glorious heritage in the Jewish world .
זhe Museum displays the Jews’ way of life, their customs, milieu and culture in Babylon, and also hosts temporary exhibitions relating to the Babylonian Jewry heritage and culture .

The Museum

Babylonian Jewry Museum Cyrus Cylinder
Cyrus Cylinder Rep

The Heritage of Babylonian Jewry Museum is designed around the traditional Jewish house motif in Iraq, in which at its center there is an
inner courtyard. A Jewish quarter alleyway and the Great Synagogue in Baghdad were also reconstructed .
the Museum’s permanent exhibitions underscore the contribution of the spiritual leadership of the large yeshivas to the existence of the Jewish people, as well as the relations between the community and the government, and the surrounding society during the various periods .The exhibitions at the Museum place a spotlight on the various communities that comprised Babylonian Jewry as well as on the community institutions they founded .

The Exhibitions

Special exhibitions are dedicated to the main events in Iraqi Jewish lives in the 20th century. The Farhud (Shavuot pogrom of 1941), the establishment of the overt and underground Iraqi Zionist Movement, the mass emigration, the transit camps and the integration into the State of Israel .
The Babylonian Jewry’s exile has ended, but its rich heritage lives on.

Programs for Schools

The museum offer educational programs and tours adapted to the school curriculum, and integrate a variety of means of learning such as workshops, activities, shows and more.

babylonian jewry museum Tour

Guided Tours

The education and guided tours department offers guided tours at the museum, at which you can add: An actress show, a musical show, lectures and more .
Guided tours are held on Fridays at no extra charge. For reservations, please contact the education and guided tours department .

Roots Meetings

The museum staff is at your service and will be happy to assist in planning, consulting and organizing the event, whi le customizing the client’s
needs and budget.

Lectures, Seminars, Culture and Folklore Evenings.

The Center holds lectures, events, seminars and conferences throughout the year on diverse subjects dealing with the history, culture and folklore of Babylonian Jewry.

Curatorial Department

The curatorial department is responsible for planning and creating the exhibitions on display at the Babylonian Jewry Museum.
It relies on a rich collection of Judaica, ethnography and works of art, as well as original documents and photographs that were donated or lent to the Center over the years.

Research Institute

The research institute deals with the history and culture of Babylonian Jewry.
It provides research materials for the Museum’s exhibitions, offers assistance to researchers, and publishes scholarly works and the journal Nehardea in Hebrew and in English. It also maintains ties with other research institutes and researchers across the globe.

Museum Shop

The museum shop offers a wide selection of books and CDs dealing with the history, culture and folklore of Babylonian Jewry. The books contain a wealth of information and enjoyable material, introducing to the readers a vivid and fascinating world .
The shop also sells a variety of items made by designers and artists whose creations reflect the unique style of Babylonian Jewry, including jewelry, Chanukah menorahs, Kiddush cups, greeting cards, amulets and other gifts .

Museum Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00 am- 3:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am-7:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am -1 :00 pm
Closed on Sundays, Saturdays and Holidays

Contact Information:

Tel. +972-3-533-9278
Fax. +972-3-533-9936
Address: 83 Mordechai Ben-Porat Ave., P.O. Box 151, Or Yehuda 6022687, Israel

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