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Israel is a special experience for everyone

Tours in Israel Guides by Language There are so many things to see and places to visit that will let you travel Israel and a variety of ways. We want to tell you about our favorites and newest Israel Tours, recommended places and sites for touring, vacationing, restaurants and cafes. Some are better known, some… Read more »

Hutzot Hayotzer

jerusalem art

Artists Colony in Jerusalem Hutzot Hayotzer Two years after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 the old stables located in the former no-mans-land between the old and the new cities, were renovated and transformed into a vibrant artists colony of twenty-six studio/galleries. The area was dubbed Jerusalem Art – The Courtyard of creativity. Here carefully… Read more »

Eilat to Petra Tour

Tours to Petra

Eilat to Petra Tour At 7:30 – pick up from your hotel in Eilat. At 8:00 – South Border (Arava), assist you to check out of the Jordan border. Drive by our deluxe transportation to Petra via Desert high way and via King’s highway in Jordan. We will stop near Hassan Prince Palace for grand… Read more »

Neot Kedumim

The ecology of Israel’s festivals in Neot Kedumim Israel Tours in Neot Kedumim — the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is a unique endeavor to re-create the physical setting of the Bible in all its depth and detail. Far more than a “garden” showing various biblical plants, Neot Kedumim… Read more »

Petra Tours Itineraries

Petra Tours

Petra One Day Tour Petra Tour No. 1 – One day Tour to Petra (Araba – Araba) Meet assist at Araba, transfer to Petra, visit of Petra, back to Araba at their convenience. Tour Includes: transportation in A/C car/van English speaking Tour Guide through out Entrance fees Supplement for lunch in Petra Two Days Tour-One… Read more »

Hotels in Israel

Boutique Hotels in Israel A new trend for boutique hotels is developing in Israel. These are smaller establishments normally located in quiet, rural settings. They target discerning tourists who are looking for a different kind of hotel in Israel. Boutique hotels are independent, which although giving them many disadvantages when you consider the benefits of… Read more »

Festivals in Israel

Events and Festivals in Israel Events in Israel Jazz, Classical, Traditional music, Dance Festivals, Alternative, Nature Festivals in Israel there’s always something to celebrate. Turning dreams into reality, special days, nights and occasions in so many ways. Come and get caught up in the atmosphere and live for the moment A tour in Israel should… Read more »

Petra – World Heritage Site

Petra in Jordan – The lost city of Petra lays hidden deep among the sandstone cliffs in the southern Jordanian desert. This ancient Nabataean caravan city was once a great centre of the Silk Road on the ancient trade route from Asia to the Mediterranean. Known only to the Bedouin nomads Petra remained in complete… Read more »

Why earn a Master Degree in Israel?

Universities programs in Israel learn and tour in israel With so many good Universities in existence, how do you choose the right one for you? Its easy to choose a University that is located near your home. But should proximity be the priority of your education? That’s of course up to you, however keep in… Read more »

Half a Billion Birds’ Favorite Vacation in Israel

Birding Israel

Bird watching in Israel Human beings have gathered here for almost 800,000 years to witness the field covered with hundreds of bird species of all sizes. They’ve seen the birds play in the water, search for fish, and take off above the mountains to faraway lands in mass groups, singing at the top of their… Read more »

Vacation with Israel Tour Guides

Tour Guide in Israel

Take a Tailored Trip in Israel Enhance Your Vacation with Israel Tour Guides Your holiday of a lifetime starts at Gateway to Israel, where, with our advice, you can design a guided tour of Israel that takes in the historical sites and most magical places. Our Israel Tour Guides know the country inside out and… Read more »

Rappelling in Israel

rappelling in Israel

Want to have an exciting adventure in Israel? Make sure to add rappelling in Israel to your list of things to do. What is rappelling in Israel all about? The word “rappelling”, from the French mountaineering term, “to recall” is mainly a term used in the United States. Called “snappeling” in Israel, in most of… Read more »

Canyoning in Israel

Canyoning in Israel

Stepping back, off of a high cliff, jumping off the edge into the unknown, against all your body’s natural survival instincts is thrillingly exhilarating. Canyoning in Israel has become quite popular since Israel is full of adrenaline seekers and those who love extreme adventure sports. Also called canyoneering, Canyoning in Israel, is different from just… Read more »

Wine Tour in Israel

Israel Wine Tour

Israel Wineries Tours Send us your requeset and we will help you plan your Israel wine tour with our Tour Guides. Israel tours offer tourists an interesting day out that appeals to all the senses. Take in the beauty of the luscious mountains and hills where Israel’s rural vineyards soak up the Mediterranean sun. Find out… Read more »

Christian Tour in The Holy Land

Israel christian tour

Christian Tours in Israel The Holy land, the cradle of Christianity and Judaism is the unique destination for pilgrims tours. Visit the holy sites and sacred places of the Old Testament and New Testament; explore the ancient churches and monasteries which represent all churches and denominations. Holy Sites in Israel Israel Christian tours From Jerusalem… Read more »

Hiking in Israel

Hiking Tour in Israel Many tourists choose to begin their Israel Tours with a hiking. You can find tracks all the way from the Dan River all the way to Eilat enjoying ecotourism and wildlife. see magnificent landscapes. Some hikers follow the trails by foot, while others explore the ‘Biblical trails’ and all of them… Read more »